​James Venuti is a photographer and woodworker based in New York City. He has a special interest in the city skyline and works tirelessly to get the shot that isn't commonly captured, often visiting landmarks at sunrise for the perfect gradient of colors, nighttime for the reflection of the city lights in the water of the East River, or on a perfectly cloudy day to track the iridescent movement across the sky. His appreciation for architecture is evidenced in each carefully crafted three-dimensional feature carved to compliment the buildings and bridges in his frames, paying homage to how each brick and beam was painstakingly placed to build the city he so loves. The culmination of James' vision and hard work is realized in his series "Living Frames", which is a collection of his most popular photographs infused into aluminum and mounted onto an intricately designed mixed media platform. The aluminum brings sharper color and detail to the scene while the birch frames hand-carved and stained/painted by the artist himself expands on a specific mood expressed  in the photograph. Each piece brings his unique vision to these quintessential New York moments and is one of a kind.